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= Changelog
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== Ruby Adaption
:2004-4-10 Joao Pedrosa

Fixed what I think was a redundant paragraph, probably caused by bad copy/paste in the last paragraph of the "Cell Renderers" section.

:2003-12-03 Matthew Berg

Extended "How to Make a Whole Row Bold or Coloured" section and added a code example

:2003-11-23 Matthew Berg

More minor language changes

Restored cell data function sections

:2003-11-22 Matthew Berg

Terminology and formatting fixes suggested by Masao.

:2003-11-20 Matthew Berg

Removed references to "get selected rows" and "count selected rows" methods until such time as they are implemented

Simplified some examples to focus more squarely on the topic being discussed

:2003-11-19 Matthew Berg

Removed references to "cell data func" until such time as its implemented

Removed paragraph explaining inheritence, since that's to be assumed with Ruby

:2003-11-16 Matthew Berg

Initial release

Removed references to custom models

Changed references from C functions to Ruby methods

== Original Document
:2003-10-28 Tim-Philipp Müller
Editable cells will work fine even if selection is set to GTK_SELECTION_NONE. Removed sentences that say otherwise.

:2003-10-23 Tim-Philipp Müller
Fix 'jumpy' selections in custom model GtkTreeSortable interface implementation. gtk_tree_model_rows_reordered() does not seem to work like the API reference implies (see bug #124790)

Added section about how to get the cell renderer a button click happened on

Added section about editable cells with spin buttons (and a CellRendererSpin implementation to the examples)

:2003-10-10 Tim-Philipp Müller
Make custom model GtkTreeSortable implementation emit "sort-column-changed" signal when sortid is changed

Fixed code typo in selection function section; added a paragraph about rule hint to 'make whole row coloured or bold' section

:2003-10-07 Tim-Philipp Müller
Reformatted source code to make it fit on pages when generating ps/pdf output

Added link to PDF and docbook XML versions.

:2003-09-23 Tim-Philipp Müller
Initial Release