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pkg-config viewer

pkg-config viewer

GUI wrapper for pkg-config. This is a sample application for Ruby/GTK2, Ruby/Libglade2 and Localization(L10n) using Ruby-GetText-Package.

The directory structure and some files(README/ChangeLog/COPYING) also are helpful.


See README file.



Copyright (C) 2005 Masao Mutoh <mutoh at>

This application is released under GPL2.


Copyright (C) 2000-2004 Minero Aoki <aamine at>

This file is released under LGPL.

Explanations of this sample

  • data/pkgconfigviewer/pkgconfigviewer.[glade|gladep] is generated by glade-2.
  • lib/pkgconfigviewer/pkgconfigviewerglade.rb is generated by "ruby-glade-create-package".
  • bin/pkgconfigviewer is the file which I wrote the code(logic) but alomost of all APIs are stolen from lib/pkgconfigviewer/pkgconfigviewerglade.rb.
  • po/pkgconfigviewer.pot is generated by rgettext of Ruby-GetText-Package.
$ rgettext bin/pkgconfigviewer data/pkgconfigviewer/ > po/pkgconfigviewer.pot
  • lib/pkgconfigviewer/config.rb is generated by setup.rb(defined in pre-setup.rb).
  • data/locale/*/ is geneated by setup.rb(defined in pre-setup.rb).
Last modified:2011/06/11 10:12:51
References:[Samples] [ruby-glade-create-template]