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Creating Bins

Bins are created in the same way that other elements are created. ie. using an element factory, or any of the associated convenience methods:

# create a new bin called 'mybin'. this bin will be only for organizational purposes; a normal
# Gst::Bin doesn't affect plan generation
bin = Gst::ElementFactory.make("bin", "mybin")

# create a new pipeline
pipeline = Gst::ElementFactory.make("pipeline", "mypipe")

# create a new thread, and give it a unique name
thread = Gst::ElementFactory.make("thread")

# the core bins (Gst::Bin, Gst::Thread, Gst::Pipeline) also have convenience APIs,
# Gst::<bintype>.new. These are equivalent to the Gst::ElementFactory.make syntax.
bin2 ="mybin")
pipeline2 ="mypipe")
thread2 =
Last modified:2004/04/01 20:58:18