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(11) Additional GTK+ Widgets

Contents of this chapter:

By now, you have learnt Ruby equivalent of almost everything Andrew Klause's book has to teach you. However, there are a number of widgets that did not quite fit into previous chapters and sessions. We will deal with those here.

The first two widgets are used for drawing and are named Gtk::DrawingArea and Gtk::Layout. These two widgets are very similar except the Gtk::Layout widget allows you to embed arbitrary widgets into it in addition to using functions for drawing. In addition, you will learn about Gtk::Entry widgets that support automatic completion and calendars. Lastly, you will be introduced to widgets that were added in GTK+ 2.10 including status icons, printing support, and recent file managers.

In this chapter you will learn the following:
  • How to use the drawing widgets Gtk::DrawingArea and Gtk::Layout
  • How to use the Gtk::Calendar widget to track information about months and the year
  • How to use widgets introduced in GTK+ 2.10 that provide recent file tracking, printing support, and status icons
  • How to implement automatic completion in Gtk::Entry widget by applying a Gtk::EntryCompletion object
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