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Menus and Toolbars

Contents of this chapter:

This chapter will teach you how to create pop-up menus, menu bars, and toolbars. You will begin by creating each of them manually, so you learn how the widgets are constructed. This will give you a firm understanding of all of the concepts on which menus and toolbars rely.

After you understand each widget, you will be introduced to Gtk::UIManager, which allows you to dynamically create menus and toolbars through custom XML files. A user interface file is loaded, and each element applied to a corresponding action object, which tells the item how it will be displayed and how it will act.

In this chapter we will learn:
  • How to create pop-up menus, menu bars, and toolbars
  • How to apply keyboard accelerators to menu items
  • What a Gtk::StatusBar? widget is and how you can use it to provide more information to the user about a menu item
  • What types of menus and toolbar items are provided by GTK+
  • How to dynamically create menus and toolbars with UI files
  • How to create custom stock items with Gtk::IconFactory
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