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class GConf::ChangeSet

GConf::ChangeSet represents a set of changes to be made to the GConf database.

Super Class

  • Glib::Boxed

Instance Methods

Clears all changes in the GConf::ChangeSet, so that commiting it will have no effect.
  • Returns: self
each { |value| ... }
Call the given block on each value in the GConf::ChangeSet.
  • value: a basic type (String, Integer, so on)
  • Returns: self
Removes any changes for the given key.
  • key: the key to remove
  • Returns: self
set(key, value)
Adds a "set" operation to the GConf::ChangeSet. This will not take effect before the GConf::ChangeSet gets commited (by GConf::Client#commit_change_set). Errors don't occur until the GConf::ChangeSet is actually commited.
  • key: the key to change
  • value: the value to set the key to
  • Returns: self
Returns the number of operations in the GConf::ChangeSet.
  • Returns: number of operations
Adds an "unset" operation to the GConf::ChangeSet, unseting the key once the GConf::ChangeSet gets commited.
  • Returns: self

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Last modified:2003/07/27 23:48:56
References:[GConf::ChangeSet] [GConf::Client]