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Class Methods

Creates a Gnome::PrintConfig object with the default printer and settings., flags)

Instance Methods

[key, type=:string]
get(key, type=:string)
Gets the value of string key from the Gnome::PrintConfig object.
  • key: String containing the path of key whose value is to be obtained. Use Gnome::PrintConfig::KEY_* constants.
  • type: type of returned value. The available value is :string, :boolean, :int, :double, :length, :transform or nil (= :string)
  • Returns: The value of the key, nil indicates failure
[key] = value
set(key, value)
Sets the value of string key in the Gnome::PrintConfig object to value value.
  • key: String containing the path of key whose value is to be set. Use Gnome::PrintConfig::KEY_* constants.
  • value: String containing the value to set
  • Returns: true on success, false on failure
Print out the tree structure representing the Gnome::PrintConfig. Output is to STDOUT and is limited to a depth of 20.
  • Returns: nil
Does a deep copy of self.
  • Returns: the copy of self.
Get imaging area size available to the application for printing after margins and layouts are applied. Sizes are given in PS points (Gnome::PrintUnit::PS_UNIT)
  • Returns: Array of width and height of paper of current config on success, nil on failure
  • Returns: XML representation of self.


  • 2005-06-08 kou?: completed.

- kou?