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class Gtk::FileChooserWidget

Gtk::FileChooserWidget is a widget suitable for selecting files. It is the main building block of a Gtk::FileChooserDialog. Most applications will only need to use the latter; you can use Gtk::FileChooserWidget as part of a larger window if you have special needs.

Note that Gtk::FileChooserWidget does not have any methods of its own. Instead, you should use the methods that work on a Gtk::FileChooser.

Included Modules

Class Methods, backend = nil)
Creates a new Gtk::FileChooserWidget. This is a file chooser widget that can be embedded in custom windows, and it is the same widget that is used by Gtk::FileChooserDialog. Since 2.4
  • action: Open or save mode for the dialog(Gtk::FileChooser::Action)
  • backend: The name of the specific filesystem backend to use or nil. (e.g.) "gnome-vfs"
  • Returns: self
Last modified:2007/03/02 00:29:16
References:[Gtk::FileChooser] [Gtk::FileChooserDialog] [Gtk::FileChooserWidget]