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Gtk::ToggleToolButton Diff - Ruby-GNOME2 Project Website

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= class Gtk::ToggleToolButton
A Gtk::ToggleToolButton is a Gtk::ToolItem that contains a toggle button.

== Object Hierarchy
* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * Gtk::Object
        * Gtk::Widget
          * Gtk::Container
            * Gtk::Bin
              * Gtk::ToolItem
                * Gtk::ToolButton
                  * Gtk::ToggleToolButton

== Class Methods
--- = nil)
    Creates a new Gtk::ToggleToolButton containing the image and text from a stock item. ((* Since 2.4 *))
    * stock_id: the name of the stock item (a constant of Gtk::Stock)
    * Returns: self

== Instance Methods
--- active?
    Queries a Gtk::ToggleToolButton and returns its current state. Returns true if the toggle button is pressed in and false if it is raised.((* Since 2.4 *))
    * Returns: true if the toggle tool button is pressed in, false if not  
--- active=(is_active)
    Sets the status of the toggle tool button. Set to true if you want the Gtk::ToggleButton to be 'pressed in', and false to raise it. This action causes the toggled signal to be emitted.((* Since 2.4 *))
    * is_active: whether button should be active
    * Returns: is_active

--- set_active(is_active)
    Same as Gtk::ToggleToolButton#active=. ((* Since 2.4 *))
    * is_active: whether button should be active
    * Returns: self

== Signals
--- toggled: self
    Emitted whenever the toggle tool button changes state. ((* Since 2.4 *))
     * self: Gtk::ToggleToolButton

== See Also
Gtk::Toolbar, Gtk::ToolButton, Gtk::SeparatorToolItem

== ChangeLog
* 2005-1-27 Added. - Masao