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PáÈina de PráÕica Diff - Ruby-GNOME2 Project Website

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= Página de Prática
The following Wiki word is supposed to create a page that I should edit and then it should be changed in a link that will point to newly created page. Let's see.

((<ÁrvoreVerde>)) (green tree)

Testing for this bug:

> > BTW, I have had a couple of issues with Hiki. A
> Hiki
> > page that I named "_cones" (icons) was incorrectly
> > linked or something like that. I guess it has
> > something
> > to do with the first character having an accent (I
> + '
> > or accute for those that can't read it), but if
> the
> > accent appers on the following characters (second,
> > third, etc.) the link works correctly. The
> workaround
> > was to delete the old page, recreate it without
> the
> > accent (icones) and then set its title with the
> > accent.
> Hmm. Could you tell me the example?