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Poppler::PSFile Diff - Ruby-GNOME2 Project Website

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= class Poppler::PSFile

== Object Hierarchy
* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * Poppler::PSFile

== Class Methods
---, filename, first_page, n_pages)
     Create a new postscript file to render to

     * document: a Poppler::Document
     * filename: the path of the output filename
     * first_page: the first page to print
     * n_pages: the number of pages to print
     * Returns: a Poppler::PSFile

== Instance Methods

--- set_paper_size(width, height)
    Set the output paper size. These values will end up in
    the DocumentMedia, the BoundingBox DSC comments and
    other places in the generated PostScript.

     * width: the paper width in 1/72 inch
     * height: the paper height in 1/72 inch
     * Returns: nil

--- set_duplex(duplex)

    Enable or disable Duplex printing.
     * duplex: whether to force duplex printing (on printers which support this)
     * Returns: self

--- duplex=(duplex)
     Same as #set_duplex but returns self.

== See Also

== ChangeLog

* 2006-05-19 ((<kou>)): completed.

- ((<kou>))